Do a Little More Each Day with Bitrix24’s Calendars


Having trouble coordinating a team’s creative mess, or organizing your

own? It’s hard, we know! Our solution is fairly simple: schedule, share and

sync. Bitrix24’s Calendar allows you to do it all in a few clicks.

Bitrix24 Features

Group Calendars

Favourite Calendars

Meetings and Briefings

Integration with CRM

Absence Chart

Event Scheduler

«You need a competent tool that helps you easily communicate with colleagues, brainstorm to reach solutions, and manage projects. All of these tasks can be easily completed using a service called Bitrix24.»


Benefits of Bitrix24

Keep everyone from the department on the same page

Never miss another meeting or forget to do a follow-up call

See who's planning to take a leave of absence and when

Share calendars to coordinate across teams and platforms

Schedule repeating events and set reminders

Plan, organize and log meetings, briefings and events

See why 4 million
companies rely
on Bitrix24.