Whatever it is you need to manage,

Bitrix24 will manage it for you

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. Whether it

comes to setting goals, assembling brain trusts, allocating roles,

arranging projects or motivating people, Bitrix24 can help managers

do things right, and leaders do the right things.

Bitrix24 Features

Tasks and Projects


CRM Dashboards

Employee Workload Management

Social Intranet

Report builder

Report builder

Real Time Collaboration

Document Management


Build-In Telephony

Mobile App

Access Permissions

Mobile App

«Bitrix24 pretty much does everything, but run your company for you.»

Inc. Magazine

Benefits of Bitrix24

Stay on top of what’s going on anytime, anywhere

Make the unmanageable manageable

Develop every project to completion

Boost efficiency on an individual and company-wide level

Feel the company pulse and gradually increase it

Equip and motivate for success

See why 4 million
companies rely
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